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Why should I see you, an OD (Optometrist), instead of a MD (eye surgeon)?
ODs are primary eye care specialists. We evaluate and treat refractive disorders, infections, disease (glaucoma, dry eyes, etc.), and co-manage surgeries (LASIK/PRK/refractive surgeries, cataracts, eyelid surgery), very similar to how your PCP (primary care physician) evaluates and monitors your overall health and well-being. Ophthalmologists are surgeons and most sub-specialize in a specific part of the eye (retina, cornea, eyelids, etc.) for their particular area of surgery and do not provide primary eye care. Just as your PCP would do, we will refer you to the eye surgeon or other medical sub-specialty if necessary, (PCP, Neurologist, Neuro-Ophthalmologist, etc.) should your needs dictate this type of referral.

I've been told I can't wear contacts. Do I have a chance and if so, what are my options?
Potentially, YES. There have been tremendous advances in contact lenses over the years. This is a terrific non surgical method to remedy your refractive problems. Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism or have become presbyopic (think reading glasses), there may be a contact lens that will work for you. Even some dry eye patients have been satisfied with some of the newest products available.

I've been told Optometrists cannot prescribe medications. Is this true?
Absolutely not. Most optometrists are certified to prescribe and treat ocular infections and disease. Drs. Uzick and Coll are certified to treat and prescribe for infections and glaucoma.

I have found there are many online websites to purchase my glasses or contacts from. Why should I purchase my eyewear or contacts from you instead of the cheap online sites?
Well, the easiest answer is 'you get what you pay for.' A report published in the (JAOA, vol 82, No 9, September 2011) concluded "…Nearly half of prescription spectacles delivered directly by online vendors DID NOT MEET either the optical requirements of the patient's visual needs or the physical requirements for the patient's safety". Prescription eyewear is a custom made product! I would generally counsel most people not to order any custom made products online. To ensure a well made product, the consumer should be fitted for such products. Our lead opticians are ABO (American Board of Opticians) certified and will work with you to ensure you have a great pair of glasses. Keep in mind, although glasses may be used as an accessory, correct shape, precise measurements, accurate production, and proper adjustments determine whether your eyewear will be 'a great pair of glasses' or not for each individual.

As to contact lenses, there are numerous articles that have been published on this subject, however to simplify this answer I will contend that when a consumer purchases a product like this, there is a service component that should not be overlooked. The contact lens manufacturers indirectly support this concept (service component) in the fact that most contact lens manufacturers offer rebates on their products that are not typically available with online purchases or in situations where a professional is not working with you (retailer/wholesaler). These rebates are intended to help you offset the service cost of doing business with qualified professionals.

Why should I co-manage my refractive surgery?
We feel it is always best having your primary vision care doctor and you're surgeon work together. Surgeons are just that - surgeons. They perform surgery and generally do not provide (or want to provide) primary eye care. Drs. Uzick and Coll feel that there is not enough emphasis given to the need for ongoing routine evaluation, especially post surgically. Once eye surgery is completed, we generally will monitor and evaluate your ocular health. Our goal is to provide the best ocular care and being included in with the surgical decisions helps us understand your prognosis and maintain your ocular health.

Why do I need to get my eyes checked if I see great even after surgery?
As with all preventative care, health assessment is crucial in maintaining good ocular health and vision. Many things can affect your vision including (but not limited to) medications, systemic change (hypertension, thyroid, diabetes, etc,), trauma, allergies, neurological issues, etc. Post surgical patients have potentially a greater need to monitor as you have had specific structures of the eyes surgically altered.

Why must I get a contact lens fitting if I have been wearing contact lenses for years? Even if I am being 'fitted' with same lenses again?
The simple answer is, in essence, its federal law. That said, the point of a fitting is to assess (or reassess) how the lenses are fitting you, to measure, make certain and maintain good vision, to ensure the tissues of the eyes are remaining healthy, to update and re-educate on solution systems, and ensure proper insertion and removal techniques of the lenses. Just as most physicians' offices do not reduce or waive the price for rechecking your blood work or retaking an x-ray or MRI, the service provided for this is by a trained professional and is required for you to fill or refill your prescription (By definition a prescription is a current signed order to the dispenser as to what specific product that should be delivered to you).

How often should I get my eyes checked?
Drs. Uzick and Coll generally recommend annual examinations. Many things can affect your vision as well as the tissues of your eyes. Medications, disease processes (diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, etc.) allergies, work environment, stress, trauma are just some things that may cause visual changes. To ensure good vision, reduce eyestrain and headaches, and to ensure good ocular (and possibly over general health), we recommend routine annual visits; unless of course you have a condition that warrants more frequent checks (e.g. Glaucoma).

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